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Douglas, 34 years old, BisexualSydney, Australia
Dominique, 37 years old, BisexualSydney, Australia
Eustacia, 27 years oldBerlin, Germany
Teresa, 34 years oldSydney, Australia
Megan, 40 years old, BisexualStockholm, Sweden
Wilbur, 25 years oldMadrid, Colombia
Black hat, 24 years old, StraightAnchorage, USA
Matthias, 38 years old, BisexualBerlin, Germany
Rick, 29 years old, StraightParis, France
mmm, 18 years oldDe Aar, South Africa
Doris, 37 years old, StraightSydney, Australia
Beverly, 32 years old, StraightBerlin, Germany
Kendall, 27 years old, StraightBerlin, Germany
Saul, 31 years old, BisexualStockholm, Sweden
Henry, 33 years old, BisexualParis, France